Jovial Imagination aims to bring more joy and creativity to the world through art and stories. The culture of this world is beautiful and bountiful. Curiosity keeps us learning; imagination helps us see different points of view. Join us in a vibrant world full of possibilities and solutions.

About the Founder:

Song Ting Yeh wishes there are more multilingual books with audio available to help families read and learn together.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Song Ting spent many childhood hours in bookstores. She dreamed of opening a bookstore to never be bored. That dream faded after moving to British Columbia, Canada at the age of 11. She realized communication can’t be taken for granted. Drawing and math became two areas she used to express herself and establish new friendships in those early days.

After receiving her degree in Computer Science she spent over 16 years in the tech industry. She worked with software engineers and artists from around the world releasing AAA video games for over a decade. She found learning languages, cultures and working to find common ground very fascinating. She kept drawing and painting when she had a chance.

She is a mother of two and reading together with her family is a wonderful part of her day. She believes stories with illustrations help her kids engage in learning new languages, build emotional and social intelligence. Her kids inspire her to love and learn no matter what.